52 Book Pickup: Up the Ante in 2014

It's the time of year for New Year's resolutions. How about trying something a little different this year? Why not challenge yourself to read at least one book a week for the entire year? That's 52 books in one year.


You read that right:

52 Books. One Year.

That’s approximately 16,000 pages and 3 million words!


Are you still interested? It's easy to participate! See the tabs below for the Rules, Instructions for signing up and FAQs. Be sure to stay tuned because every month we’ll throw a mini-challenge at you, as well. 

52 Book Pick Up

52 Book Pickup Rules 

1.       You must be 16 or older to participate. You will be asked to provide your birth date when you sign up.

2.       In order for a book to count, it should be of appropriate level for the reader. Please use your best judgment for what you believe should count toward your goal. Remember, this is meant to be a CHALLENGE.

a.        Books that will NOT count:

                                                               i.      Children’s picture books, early readers or beginner chapter books.

                                                              ii.      Manga, or Japanese-style comics.

                                                            iii.      Books under 100 pages.

b.       Books that WILL count:

                                                               i.      Graphic novels: you may count up to 5 for the entire year.

                                                              ii.      Audiobooks.

                                                            iii.      Any fiction or non-fiction book of appropriate level over 100 pages.

3.       ONLY books read between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014 will count.

4.       You must write a brief review (1 - 2 sentences) of each title for it to count.

5.       Please be honest. We want you to feel fulfilled at the end of this challenge, whether you complete it or not. The goal is to enjoy reading and have fun doing it. If you don’t complete the challenge this year, there is always next year.

6.       You must turn in your final book count by January 9, 2015 to receive credit.

7.       All prizes must be picked up by January 31, 2015.

8.       Library staff members and their family members are not eligible for the grand prize drawing.

Instructions for 52 Book Pickup

1.       Sign up here.

2.       Write down your username and Password so you don’t forget them!

3.       Track your progress through our web site.

a.       If you do not have computer or Internet access, there will be stations set up at your local branch library where you can log your titles.

4.       Start reading and log your titles!

5.       When you have completed the challenge, keep reading! You will be able to pick up your prize in January 2015. You must complete the challenge to receive a prize.

6.       Stay tuned in January 2015 for the announcement of our grand prize winner. The winner will be randomly selected from all participants who complete the challenge. The prize is an iPad. Library staff members and their families are not eligible for the grand prize.

7.       Join our group on goodreads.com to find discussions, encouragement and more!


FAQs – 52 Book Pickup

What is it?

The 52 Book Pickup challenges participants to read one book a week for a whole year. In other words, you are challenged to read 52 books over the course of a year, starting January 1, 2014 and ending on December 31, 2014.

How do I participate?

Sign up here.

Why don't I see where to log my books?

You may start logging your books on January 2, 2014. Although you can create an account on our web site, you won't be able to start logging titles until then due to the library being closed on January 1.

I am trying to sign in using the username and password I created for the summer reading program. Why can't I log in?

This program is independent of the summer reading program so you will need to create another account to participate. You can try to create the same username, but you will need to fill out the entire registration form on the web site.

Why is this program for adults only?

The Chesapeake Public Library aims to offers programs and events for every age group. We decided that this program was better suited to adults since reading 52 books in a year will prove to be a challenge for many participants. In addition, we have a number of programs for children and teens during the school year so we wanted to offer something unique to adults.

How did it come about?

For the past year, one of our librarians has been participating in a challenge which invited her to attempt to read one book a week for the entire year. Inspired to read more than ever before, she completed the challenge by September and is still going strong, hoping to break 75 books by December 31. The challenge sparked something within her, and she believes that other people who choose to take on the challenge in 2014 will fulfill and excite them. So here we are challenging YOU to take on the 52 Book Pickup of 2014.


What if I don’t have a computer or Internet access?

We will have stations set up at each of the library branches where you can log your titles. If you need assistance, just ask one of our library staff members.


Why do I have to write a short review of each book?

We want to be sure that every participant truly is getting something out of this challenge. In addition, the review provides the library with the assurance that the book was completed.


What if I don’t finish the challenge?

No problem! At least you tried. We will track your progress until the end of the year, and if you don’t make it, you can always try again next year.


What’s in it for me?

We hope you get a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment from participating in this challenge. It’s not easy to do. There will be a small prize given to all participants who complete the challenge. There will be drawings for the grand prize as well as other prizes at the end of the program. Each participant who completes the challenge will have a chance to win one of these prizes. The grand prize is an iPad. The other prizes are TBA.


What if I don’t start right away in January?

You can start your participation at any point during the year (through November). However, you will still need to complete the entire challenge of reading 52 books.


What if I move away during the year?

You can still participate for the remainder of the year by logging your titles on our program web site. You will need to be physically present to pick up the reward for completing the challenge. If you are chosen as the grand prize winner, we will ship the prize to you.

What if my question wasn't answered here?

Contact your local branch library or e-mail esteyer@infopeake.org.

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