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Get Ready For
        Two Great Events!


          At The
        Love My Library
        Pop-Up                                                                           Free Courses & Events

                                                                                         Offered By The Chesapeake Public Library  •  Summer 2017

        Show The Love!                          FantaSci 2017!

        Looking for that special gift? Shop     Load your unicorn in your UFO and
        our unique collection of award-         get ready to go to FantaSci!               Summer Reading
        winning items at The Love My            Chesapeake Public Library’s annual
        Library Pop-Up Shop. Our shop           fantasy and science fiction mini-con       Challenge Performers
        features top brands in toys, games,     is bringing back panels, cosplay,
        books and baby gear at 33-60% off       creators, comic books, collectibles,       All Libraries
        retail. All items are new and in the    games and fun. Hundreds of fans            June 19 - August 14
        original packaging from the             from along the East Coast will unite       Page 24
        manufacturer. Proceeds from shop        as the fictional worlds you know
        sales benefit the Chesapeake Public     and love converge for one epic day
        Library—advancing early literacy        of celebration. Bring the whole
        and STEAM programs and                  family to enjoy tons of fantastic,
        strengthening our community.            free activities!
       • Coming soon to a location near you   • Central Library
       • Check our website for next event     • July 22, 2017                                                                             Also In This Issue:
       •                    • 10:00am - 4:00pm                                                                          Google Photos
       • Everyone is welcome                  • Everyone                                                                                  Russell
       • Registration not required            • Registration not required
                                                                                                                                          Memorial Library

        Sponsored by:                           Sponsored by:                                                                             June 5
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                               S A V E   T H E S E   D A T E S !

        visit:                                                         Be There!
        or your local library for more information.                                                                             
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